September Newsletter


Clinical staff have been providing care as normal this summer! In addition, we have been attending community events throughout the month of August, both to promote services and as helpers.

Sundance in ANA Aug 9-14

ANA Youth Gathering “Reigniting the spirit of the Youth” Aug 15-19

AKRC Youth Cultural Camp in WON Aug 16-18

WIN Cultural camp Aug 22-24

Youth Hub event Aug 25 & 31

GCT3 Cancer Survivorship event at SGEI Aug 24

WBFN PowWow Aug 26-28

GCT3 Covid Vaccine clinic Aug 30


Check out our calendar for more information.


Waashkootsi Nanaandawe’iyewigamig’s Mitiigomish Program was a success this month with 6 graduates. We hosted our second Music by the Fire, an event to encourage healing through song, a virtual beading event, and held virtual DBT sessions.


Our new Supportive Housing Program has welcomed their first few staff! They are getting programming developed and off its feet with the help of peers and clients. Intake, referral and other program forms are in the works, as well as Patient Navigation Training for all staff. They are also assisting with starting a Suboxone Program in community in partnership with LWDH R.A.A.M., KCA and SL40.


Emotional Wellness Therapy has gained access to an e-referral system through Ocean as part of the All Nations Health Partners Digital Health Strategy. This is the part of WNHAC’s virtual health care and online booking, soon to be available for all services!


Cultural Coordinators have been busy with programming, Traditional Medicine Clinics, and hosting ceremonies this month! Medicine harvesting has begun and will continue throughout August. Health Promotion has been focusing on outdoor activities and community walks, and presentations on healthy eating, diabetes, and smoking cessation this month. If you’d like to access these services in your community, send us a message!



Our quarterly Elders Gatherings provides an opportunity to share Indigenous knowledge through a series of workshops, presentations and ceremonies. It is a time for us, our partners, youth and community to come together to listen, learn, and engage with the stories and knowledge that Elders and Knowledge Keepers carry. Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’iyewigamig has been hosting these gatherings since our inception, and they are also hosted across many nations in North America. The conversations, insights, and teachings shared are greatly valuable to our organization and the communities we serve. The participants help ensure we are on the right direction and that we are following through with our values of the 7 Grandfather Teachings.


We are, and continue to be, so grateful for the work of our Elders and their kindness, compassion, and knowledge. With them, we have expanded programming and opportunities for the people we serve.


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