Our Office Locations


619 Lakeview Dr., Kenora, ON.

Administration and Executive Leadership are moved in and operational from this location.

Banister Centre

301 First Ave. South, Kenora, ON.

Diabetes services, footcare, and Clinic Nurse services (bloodwork, wound care, immunizations, ABI). Reception and Clinic Assistants primarily located here. Sterilization processes happen here as well.

Paterson Clinic (lower level)

45 Wolsley St., Kenora, ON.

Nurse Practitioner/Medical Doctor, with a daily float nurse available on site. Reception, scanning, and clinical administrator are temporarily located here.

Park Street Office

100 Park St., Kenora, ON.

Operational Management/Interprofessional Teams, Health Promoters, Emotional Wellness Therapists are all operational at this location.

Annex (upper and lower)

214 4th Ave. South, Kenora, ON.

Both of these spaces are currently designated for Cultural/Traditional Healing Services. This includes Traditional Medicine Clinics and Cedar Bath Ceremonies and therapy.

Central Service Location (CSL)

212 4th Ave. South, Kenora, ON.

Currently closed. Reopening soon, stay tuned!


101-1208 Heenan Pl., Kenora, ON. (temporary)​

Our supportive housing team currently works out of this building. Including client support workers, supportive housing admin staff, emotional wellness workers, outreach staff, and nurses. Residents also reside here in the Norwood apartments.

1001 Ninth St. N., Kenora, ON. (coming soon!)

Once this new build is complete, it will offer:

  • 30 housing units

  • A safe and welcoming housing option for those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless

  • Staff support available 24/7 to support clients with their needs

  • Wellness and medical supports (medication assist, nutrition, appointments, and advocacy)

  • Social Skills, Building Relationships

  • Assistance in obtaining personal Identification documents



Urban Outreach Office

Units 4 and 11 (Market Square) 308 Second St. S., Kenora, ON.


Minaki Nursing Station

276 Winnipeg Ave., Minaki, ON

Continues to offer weekly NP services, and other nursing services as per schedule.

Dryden Office

74 Queen St, Dryden, ON. (Dryden Native Friendship Centre)

Reception/Office Administration-greet patients, make appts for NP, CNCC and assist with appts with our visiting Footcare Nurse weekly, and our Respiratory Nurse that comes in monthly.

NWHU comes in weekly to hold a Sexual Health Clinic at lunch time with the clients of DNFC and WNHAC.

Nurse Practitioner – treats our patients that come thru the door, she also visits, Migisi Sahgaigan First Nation, Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation, and Wabauskang First Nation monthly on Wednesdays. She is very passionate about her patients and makes sure they get the best care possible.

CNCC-she assists NP with patients doing their vitals, height, weight… etc. Provides medication injections, vaccine injections/clinics for our patients, also does footcare, wound care.

Cultural Coordinator – works with our indigenous peoples to provide them with access to culture-based care including ceremonies by assisting with referral to traditional he alers and knowledge keepers.



Health Centre Rd., Washagamis Bay

Waashkootsi Nanaandawe’iyewigamig Healing Lodge provides a culture-based, residential healing program intended to break the cycles of violence, abuse, and addictions by addressing underlying causes and developing knowledge and skills that support healthy lifestyles.

This program is delivered by a team that includes Emotional Wellness Counsellors, Emotional Wellness Workers, and Client Support Workers, supported by members of the interprofessional care teams. The team supports clients in their healing journeys through group facilitation, individual support, and counselling in group and one-to-one settings.

Outreach services including workshops are also available. Contact the Program Coordinator for a program schedule, to obtain detailed information about program content, or to obtain an intake package and/or program handbook. 

Memegwessii-gamig Midwifery Clinic

1201 Pine Portage Rd., Unit C, Kenora, ON.

The midwives are set up this location for clinical client care. They are officially ready to see clients! 


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