Wholistic Health Services


WNHAC’s health promoters offer knowledge and experience activities in a number of key topic areas.

Healthy Eating & Active Living

Aimed at promoting and maintaining wellness through healthy eating and active living, activities include fitness classes, community gardening, community kitchens, and cooking classes to name just a few examples. Activities are geared to the unique cultural, economic, and geographic circumstances of our catchment area, and also focus specifically on prevention of diabetes.

Smoking Prevention & Cessation

In addition to offering culturally relevant smoking prevention initiatives, WNHAC staff can support smoking cessation through a variety of strategies including peer support and nicotine replacement therapies.

Reproductive Health & Early Child Development

Health promoters can provide culturally appropriate information and education on a broad range of sexual and reproductive health issues.

Support for healthy pregnancy and infant development is available. Health promoters also partner with local schools to promote positive learning environments and to incorporate traditional activities that focus on positive, healthy family lifestyles. In addition to promoting positive outcomes, prevention of FASD is a specific goal of our programming. Support is available for individuals and families living with FASD.

Healthy sexuality is a high priority. Information and support is available for individuals and family members living with HIV/AIDS. Rapid, confidential HIV screening is also available and can be done anonymously on request.

Oral Health

Information, education, and preventative treatment is available to children in member First Nation communities. Health promoters and registered dental hygienists work with other members of the health team to support overall health. They work with diabetes clinicians to provide screening, education, and referrals as an important component of effective diabetes management.


Nurse practitioners and physicians offer a broad range of health care services including assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to support people to achieve and maintain the best possible overall health. Our services range from care for acute, occasional illness to supporting management of chronic diseases.

Regular NP clinics are offered in First Nation communities, and at our central service location in Kenora. In-house laboratory services are also available in Kenora, and on a monthly basis in most First Nation communities.

Diabetes education and management is provided by a registered nurse, a registered dietitian, and foot care nurses. Together they provide care and support lifestyle choices intended to promote living well with diabetes. They also collaborate with other primary health care providers to offer:

  • diabetes education
  • insulin adjustments
  • nutrition counselling
  • regular blood work
  • case management
  • counselling
  • referral to traditional healing
  • retinal screening
  • foot care/chiropody services
  • oral health screening


Social workers are available to support the emotional and social needs of clients and family members dealing with illness, chronic disease, or other issues affecting overall health. In addition to offering trauma-informed counselling and EMDR therapy, cultural coordinators are available to ensure that care meets individual needs.

Group sessions and education can be designed to support proactive stress management, and promote emotional wellness.

Shaawanobinesiik Gibichii’igamig

Affordable accommodation and support for individuals and families requiring access to Lake of the Woods District Hospital for medical reasons is provided right inside the hospital on the third floor.

Accommodations include private rooms and shared accommodations, as well as a lounge area and a kitchen. Meals are provided through the hospital cafeteria. Laundry facilities are also available.

Some of the situations for which accommodation is available:

  1. Patient scheduled for early morning appointment or unable to return home immediately after discharge.
  2. Transition from inpatient to home care after hospitalization for acute illness.
  3. Parent or guardian whose child is receiving medical treatment.
  4. Authorized escorts accompanying patients from distant areas.
  5. Relative supporting seriously ill family member.

Language interpretation, advocacy, and referrals to a wide range of services including traditional healing are also available through this program.

Contact hostel staff at 468-9861, ext. 2335 for daily rates and to arrange bookings, or submit this online form:

We will contact you to confirm availability and complete the reservation.

Waashkootsi Nanaandawe’iyewigamig

Waashkootsi Nanaandawe’iyewigamig Healing Lodge provides a culture-based, residential healing program intended to break the cycles of violence, abuse, and addictions by addressing underlying causes and developing knowledge and skills that support healthy lifestyles.

The 20-day Mitigomish Healing Program follows the moon cycle, and incorporates traditional ceremonies and cultural teachings, alongside contemporary supportive counselling, education, and referral services.

Outreach services including workshops are also available. Contact the Program Administrator at (807) 543-1065 for a program schedule, to obtain detailed information about program content, or to obtain an intake package. You can also register online:

We will contact you to confirm availability and complete the reservation.